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Maddie Veterinary Physiotherapy

Specialist equine, canine and small animal rehabilitation.

What is Veterinary Physiotherapy?

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Veterinary Physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of animals to improve function and performance of the body.

Issues that can be targeted through physiotherapy include musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, osteoarthritis, and other health related conditions.

How Does it Work?

  • Veterinary physiotherapy is a holistic approach to animal care, using the animals anatomical makeup to help them recover.

  • Its a modern and approved method of assisting injury rehabilitation, and helping to maintain your animal.

  • Animals often hide their pain and discomfort. By using physiotherapy, these issues can be addressed before they become problematic.

A horse receiving ECT therapy
  • On finding the cause of pain, a veterinary physiotherapist will treat it and any secondary symptoms.

  • A post treatment and remedial exercise plan will be created, to further address all issues and ensure a proper recovery.

  • Our objective is to improve an animals health and well-being by reducing pain, limiting injury impact, and improve joint range of motion.

A poorly dog in his bed receiving ECT Therapy

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"I'm absolutely bowled over by the way my horse responded to Maddie's treatment this morning. She was able to release the tension he had in his back and I could see the difference immediately - Thank you, thank you, thank you Maddie!"

"We took him out this evening and he did seem to be moving more easily and picking up his feet more! You have magic hands !! Will keep the exercises going so thank you again" - Same day feedback from a one of our dog clients.

"Maddie has been absolutely amazing with my horse Sidney’s recovery. She accurately finds all issues he is experiencing and treats accordingly. Maddie has been great to work with and Sidney and I are both enjoying the benefits of him being back on his A game again. I can’t recommend MVP enough."

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A dogs paw before and after therapyA dog called olive receving treatmentA horse's legs before and after therapy
Two dogs sat on a sofaMaddie holding a guinea pig